Sydney Panel Event

May 6, 2015 3:16:00 PM Kate Ryan International Events

We launched our global series of education panel discussions on February 20th with an event focused on learning from high performing systems. The panel was made up of Geoff Masters, Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Susan Mann, CEO of Education Services Australia, Tom Bennett, Founder of ResearchED, Mark Treadwell, educational advisor and was chaired by John Gougoulis from GEMS Education.


There was a strong consensus among the panel and audience, especially when Geoff Masters talked about a focus on continual improvement being key. He also discussed a high priority on monitoring the achievement of their improvement goals by systematically collecting, analyzing and discussing evidence of progress.

He championed the need to look to high performing educational jurisdictions globally but to be aware of replicating without considering the local context.  New Call-to-action

Resonating very strongly with our philosophy and approach here at The Education Partners, Susan Mann left us with a strong message that “with the right partners, governments can truly become innovation platforms.”

Susan Mann and Tom Bennett both spoke of technology, coding, revitalizing current curriculum and ensuring teachers are aware of evidenced practices rather than arbitrary implementation of policies.

Mark Treadwell brought the idea of looking how students learn to the discussion and how this needs to be mirrored in classroom approaches as well as the need for student led education.

To hear the passion, knowledge and commitment of the panelists and the guests who came from all sectors of education in Australia, it left us with the strong call to action that if we can envision, if we can articulate, if we can even dream of the education system of tomorrow today, then we can deliver it now.”

Here at The Education Partners, we intend to deliver exactly this: an education which prepares young people around the world for their futures.