How Important is Technology in Education?

May 12, 2015 2:43:00 PM Jessica Beidelman Education Technology


The education technology revolution is here to stay. Education institutions: schools, colleges and universities must learn to integrate technology or risk being left behind by online schools and new adaptive learning techniqes. The impact of technology in the classroom is enormous, and we continue to see the implementation of new educational technology every day. 

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Will avatars replace traditional classroom instruction? Will iPads replace books? Will the school of the future be in a cloud? It sounds exciting, and to some, scary. But it also sounds like we are beginning to see a major change. Educational leaders are talking about incorporating technology to disrupt the education status quo and improve student outcomes. Just how important is technology in education? 

This article by Edutech examines the benefits and various ways to integrate technology in the classroom.

How should education systems and teachers assimilate best practices in technology to drive student success? Write to us at The Education Partners and share your thoughts.

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