Mapping Technology Penetration in Schools Worldwide: Two Emergent Narratives

Feb 22, 2017 10:25:28 AM Emily Jensen

ICT in schools-1.jpgStudent interaction with ICT technologies has already begun to transform classrooms around the globe. One widely accepted indicator of ICT penetration in school systems around the world is the number of students per computer in schools. Data gathered during the 2012 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Programme for International Student Assessment (OECD PISA) administration revealed that 72% of students in OECD countries reported using computers in schools (OECD, 2015).

Additionally, school systems in 45 nations and municipalities worldwide have at least one computer for every five students, while 11 nations report having more than one computer per class (5 to 10 students per computer) and eight school systems have at minimum one computer per school (14 to 53 students per computer). At first glance, these figures should encourage optimism for school systems around the world to realize the promise of transforming classrooms through ICT integration. 


ICT in schools.jpgICT in schools-2.jpg